Caring for widows & elders in the nations.

Please support our work in caring for widows & elders in the nations.

Who are the elderly people we care for in the nations?
They are widows living in poverty, having next to nothing, often sick & hungry people.
These are the poor, vulnerable, impoverished and destitute elderly women in need of help, care & support.

Where we carry out the elderly care outreach & ministry?
In villages of Kitale, Kitatale, Mombassa and Mkang'ombe in Kenya.
In villages in and around Kothapalli & Veeralankapalli, Andra Pradesh, in India.

What we provide them?
1. Feeding support & monthly food supplies.
2. Essential toiletries including multivitamins & Supplements.
3. Regular visits by our ministry care workers>
4. Measured care & financial sustainance as ministry means allow.
3. Measured/modest assistance with rent & other food sustainance items.
4. We provide beds, furniture, pots & pans and essential household items.

Other provisions/Support:
1. We strive to provide access to safe dental and medical assistance for the widows and aged.
2. Provision of items of clothing & day to day essentials, etc, when possible.
3. Basic funds to pay rent arrears where/when necessary. 4. We help homeless widows and the aged to find a home to rent & move into.

Terms of elgibility:
Must be a widow/aged living in poverty or homelessness.
Must be identified/verified as a person living in poverty, destitution or homelessness.
Clearly demonstrated need, hunger & lack must be obvious and visible.

Elderly care Overseers:
JHM Ministry appointed care givers, volunteers & helpers on the ground.

  • We ask you to partner with us to keep on helping as many widows & elders as possible.
  • Our greatest challenge is raising enough funds to keed the outreach/mission going.
  • The beneficiaries are some of the poorest widows & elderly people in their communities.
  • You can donate online from our homepage or click the donation section of this page.