Food Parcels/Feeding Outreach

Please support our feeding & parcels outeach work in the nations

Who we feed in the nations?
Vulnerable, impoverished and destitute women and their families.

Where we carry out the feeding outreach?
Villages of Kitale, Kitatale, and Mkang'ombe in Kenya.
Villages of Kothapalli & Veeralankapalli, Andra Pradesh, in India.

What we provide them?
1. Food bags consisting of bulk essential foods, ingredients, toiletries, etc.
2. Cooked meals on outreach days, enjoyed together as a group of women.

Other provisions/Support:
1. Targeted small microfinance support.
2. Provision of items of clothing, blankets, hygeine packs, sanitary towells, etc.
3. Basic funds for access to medical treatment at times of dire emergency need.

Terms of elgibility:
Poverty, destitution or homelessness
Demonstrated need & lack.
Outreach managers/Overseers:
Our Mission volunteers & helpers on the ground.
Missionaries & visiting interns

  • We ask you to partner with us to keep on helping as manay women & their families as possible.
  • Our greatest challenge is raising enough funds to keep the montly outreach going.
  • The beneficiaries are some of the poorest people in their communities.
  • You can telephone us with your support information to: 44 0 800 093 4451
  • You can donate online from our homepage or click the donation section of this page.